Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life Lines

So really ... how pathetic is this - my last post in FEBRUARY.  Have I been 'CreatEV' since then.  Barely it seems. The year seems to have slipped through my fingers with very little time or focus on creativity. Who am I kidding ... 'Very Little'.  Try - NONE.  I haven't even been up to my studio since April.  I'm hoping/planning/expecting that to change with the Christmas season coming up.

The only thing I really have accomplished these past months is to start a little line of books. I'll have them for sale at our 'In the Spirit' show on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Perhaps one day I'll figure out how to put a link to them here as well.

Two of them are tiny little 'pocket books' - the size of a business card - with quotes and my 'clothesline' collection. They're entitled 'LIFE LINES'.  There's a little bigger one in the works with the same theme.  So I have been busy playing pictures a little bit, but it's the hands on stuff I've got to get at.

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  1. Life is made up of seasons. Your season, it seems has been to refresh and relax. You'll be back to your art room when it feels right to you. : )