Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle

After not listing anything on Ebay for two years,
I had to re-learn a few things.
But ... I got a dozen things up there.
A little late for the season,
but early for next!

These are the cards enclosed with each creation
with a certicate of Authenticity inside.

This fella is moving to Illinois to be with a long time
collector & now dear friend - who has more
of my work than anyone in the world.

This little sheep is on his way to Kentucky.

And the horse is heading to Massachusetts.

This little set is going somewhere in the USA that is 
a secret right now as it's going to
be a gift.

This pup gets to spend his life in Florida!


  1. Ev - your creations are outstanding and simply stunning. I love them all!!!

  2. awww ... thank you ... that's sweet of you to say :-D