Friday, February 8, 2013

Pokin' Away

We just nicely got back from a wonderful excursion down to Mississippi to visit a dear friend, then over to Kansas to spend time with another dear friend.  Almost 60 hours of driving.

I'm not so good at 'just sittin', so of course I had to drag along some stuff to work on.

The perfect thing for me is my needlefelting.  It wasn't quite necessary to take every single piece of fiber that I owned 'just in case' ... but I prety well did. What if I would have needed '...' colour and I didn't have it.

This is my ipad acquarium ... thick & soft to protect my screen.

The fish just swim on the front.

This one is a little pouch to keep my flash drives in style.

I love felting old sweaters. I finally did something with one of them ... made the sleeve into a little pocket for my ipod.

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