Friday, December 13, 2013

Ev Scott Studio

Times change.

I started selling at Craft Shows in 1974.
I did that until I went into Retail with a store in 1989.

Then I offered my wares in US magazines -
The Country Sampler and Country Folk Art in 1994.

And then I started selling wholesale at trade shows
in Pennsylvannia & Ohio.
That was craziness.
Supplying 65 stores through the USA
and tackling the challenge of crossing the border.
The most difficult thing though
was being inundated with orders
until the joy of creating was smothered 
by the sheer weight of it all.

So then I went to Retail Shows in the US.
No orders hanging over my head, 
but going through customs after 9/11 was 
a headache.

So I did shows here.
That was fun but not viable and sustainable in the long run.

So I started selling on Ebay.
Oh my goodness - that was fun.
And entertaining.
I met so many wonderful people and loved watching
the auction part of it.

A few years ago, when I didn't have enough time
left for the auction, I did
That was fun too.

And now comes FACEBOOK.
A Business Page called
Now that is great fun too!

I still may list some things on Ebay.
And I may start an Esty Shop.
And I plan on pinning some things on Pinterest.

Yes, times change.
Things change.
They get just get better and better.
And the world gets smaller
and closer to our fingertips.

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  1. There are certainly pros and cons to each way of selling. Etsy stores are probably the easiest way to go, in my opinion. Instead of a quick week like Ebay, you can post it for cents and it can stay up for months.
    So good to see your work! It's been a while. : )