Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wagon HO!

Working on carts and wagons and sleds.
Tomorrow the wheels.
And then I get to FILL them!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wee Folk

I can not get enough of these little folk.
I  LOVE making them:
Painting & antiquing their sweet little faces;
dying the fabric for their clothes;
and designing their little outfits.
It's just like I’m back playing dolls again.

I kinda get attached to them though,
and wish they could all live here
in a Little People Collection.

But they are just in waiting
to head off to another life.

They are waiting for a whole
lot more pieces
to go with them.
And then they'll find out who gets to go with who,
and what they'll be doing.

Friday … the plan is for Friday. 


It’s been in my head for awhile,
I unveil
 that I have
a create EV soul ...

Spell check


Which must make me
A creator.


A small c

A Creatist

A Createer

A Creatarian

A Creatologist

Spell check tells me that they’re all wrong.
That only creator is correct.

I beg to differ.
If it’s my job. My life.
 My role. My passion.
I have
A Creative Soul.
I get to spell it
ANY way I want to.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Line 2010

I’m late, I’m late …
 for a very important date.


My Christmas Line 2010
should have been
introduced on Ebay
at least two months ago.

I have been working,
 but not consistently,
efficiently and

I have an idea incubating.
 It’s almost ready to be hatched.

How long does it take
for an idea to

Guess it depends how
big of chicken
I am.


 Come by regularly
for a peek
at what My Creative Soul
is up to.

What Im working on.

What Im thinking about working on.

What Ive finished.

Ideas percolating.
Ideas germinating.

The Stuff
that Creativity
is made of,
 ya know.