Thursday, November 26, 2015


The other thing that I have been working on
has been a big delight for me.
Something that I have wanted to make for
years and years.
I have one at our home in Newfoundland
and love it.

These frames are filled with
colourful pieces of glass, 
weathered sea glass,
pretty china
and other tiny little treasures.

They hang in your window
and the light dances through the
glass collage.

They are the Stonetown Arts Show
in St. Marys this weekend
and one will be on
display at The Emporium in St. Marys.

This should be hanging in a window ... it will be one day - not sure where.

This one is painted with antique white chaul paint. It will hang soon. I do know where. It lives in Stratford.

Brush Folk

I didn't truly do it again, but sort of.
Forget that I had a blog to share my creations.
I guess the more accurate truth is that
there hasn't been that much 'creating' happening.

I was glad to get back up to my studio
and mess around with paint and glue and wire and jewels
as the new community of 
Brush Folk 
were born.

They were created 
because I needed something to take to the
Stonetown Arts Show in St. Marys.
It was a wonderful excuse to get
playing again.

They had to get to where they were going
before I got a chance to name them.
That was really hard for me,
to send them off into the world 'nameless'.