Sunday, December 7, 2014

Brush with ... losing my mind.

Yep ... sometimes I wonder about my head.
Is it just too full or is it getting worn out?

I was reading up on market tools & it talked about putting them on your blog.
I thought: 'Great idea! I should start a blog.'
It took me days to remember that I already have one.

That's likely the reson that I haven't posted all year.

So ...
I have a blog to promote my creations.
This is it.

I had 18 Brush Folk
12 found homes
6 are looking.

These are the ones who are still available.



Monday, January 27, 2014

Back in the Ark Business

Twenty five years ago last month I finished my first Noah's Ark.
Two and a half decades and more than a thousand arks later
I'm at it again.
This is the first for 2014
22 inches long by 13 inches high
Noah & the Mrs. and 12 handcarved animals...
giraffes, zebra, lions, donkeys, pigs & sheep.
All handcrafted from pine.
The cabin is painted, crackled & antiqued.
The bottom opens up & there is a ramp as well.

#2 has a solid bottom.
It's just a little shorter - 21" x 11"
Noah, Joan and 12 animals all handcarved.
The cabin is made from 100+ year old lathe.

The story behind my years of building Arks
is on my blog - EVolution.