Thursday, December 23, 2010


I make a point
of staying away from fabric stores.
All that material is magnetic
to my eyes and my fingers.

I collect fabric.
I don’t like sewing.
I’m just addicted
to the
colour & texture.

I know my weakness.
I have not entered a fabric store all year.
I already have enough
for three lifetimes.

At this last minute, I decided that I need to make
my grandbabes a Christmas stocking.

I kept piling the fabric on the table.
The clerk asked what I was making.
‘Christmas Stockings.’  I replied.
‘HOW MANY?’  she questioned.
‘Just five.’

She sighed and started cutting.
I sighed too.
Sucked me in again.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Last Set

The last set of the year
that will be emigrating to
the US of A.

Five days til Christmas Eve...
time for me to start my preparations. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Staying Close By

This piece is not going very far from home at all.
He’s staying in Avonbank,
just down the road
a bit.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I really love the task of packing up my creations
to send off to their new home.
It's not something that I rush through.
I take great care to
wrap each one carefully and lovingly.
It’s the last time I’ll see them after
all that time we spend together.

I love to imagine them arriving;
The box being opened;
The packages unwrapped.
My hands to their hands.
My home to their home.
My heart to their heart.

It’s a funny thing to imagine
something you’ve created
in someone else's home.

A lovely & wonderful thing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I’d like to get paid
to do a Study.
How many people
really know the difference
between a
Mule and a Donkey.

A Mule is not a Donkey.
A Donkey is not a Mule.
But in my humble opinion,
Both are pretty cool.

Okay … sorry.
After all that it entails to list 15 things at once,
my brains are

This is the LAST one.
You’re likely as relieved as
I am.

(when I went to add the link,
I discovered that I had not
Put this listing up at all!
I put the Dapple Gray up TWICE!
Oh yeah – The End
came just in time!)


Mule Tide Wishes are going out to Warren, New Jersey ;-)

Dogs & Frogs & Hogs & Blogs

Kids and Dogs
Go together

Corn & Hogs?
Weeds & Bogs?
Crickets & Frogs?
Saws & Logs?
Me & Blogs?


Many years ago,
when I had my store,
I had a source for these
sweet polar bears.
I bought a half dozen
from a place in
British Columbia.

This is my very last little guy.
I wish
he wasn’t extinct.

He's getting to go somewhere that I've always wanted to visit ... Hyannis, Massachusetts.
Lucky bear.

Someone Got My Goat

This is another one that
before I could get his picture
on here
or let anyone know that he was
looking for a home.

There are obviously people
quicker than I am.

Papillion, Nebraska is going to have one more
old goat.

Kinda Cool

I have always had traditional actions
with Ebay.
It is totally interesting & entertaining
to watch the bidding,
and a big surprise
with what it brings.

I must say though, this
 ‘Buy it Now’
was pretty cool.

This guy was
before I could even get it

He's flying off to Saskatoon!