Friday, December 13, 2013

Ev Scott Studio

Times change.

I started selling at Craft Shows in 1974.
I did that until I went into Retail with a store in 1989.

Then I offered my wares in US magazines -
The Country Sampler and Country Folk Art in 1994.

And then I started selling wholesale at trade shows
in Pennsylvannia & Ohio.
That was craziness.
Supplying 65 stores through the USA
and tackling the challenge of crossing the border.
The most difficult thing though
was being inundated with orders
until the joy of creating was smothered 
by the sheer weight of it all.

So then I went to Retail Shows in the US.
No orders hanging over my head, 
but going through customs after 9/11 was 
a headache.

So I did shows here.
That was fun but not viable and sustainable in the long run.

So I started selling on Ebay.
Oh my goodness - that was fun.
And entertaining.
I met so many wonderful people and loved watching
the auction part of it.

A few years ago, when I didn't have enough time
left for the auction, I did
That was fun too.

And now comes FACEBOOK.
A Business Page called
Now that is great fun too!

I still may list some things on Ebay.
And I may start an Esty Shop.
And I plan on pinning some things on Pinterest.

Yes, times change.
Things change.
They get just get better and better.
And the world gets smaller
and closer to our fingertips.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Creating Again

There hasn't been much happening here over the last number of months.
There hasn't been much happening in my Studio either.
Until September.
And then I was too busy creating to actually talk about it.

Oh how I enjoyed being up there again.
Rooting through my massive stash.
Finding inspiration in everything I lay my hands on.
Finding stuff that I had totally forgotten I have.

While I work away from morning til night, 
content in my chaotic mess,
someone reads to me.
It's an important part of my process.
It not only allows me to catch up on books
that I never seem to have time to actually sit down and read,
but it also keeps me focused -
my mind on the task at hand.
I sit still longer.

I created 20 pieces.
And now they are ready to move off in the world.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pokin' Away

We just nicely got back from a wonderful excursion down to Mississippi to visit a dear friend, then over to Kansas to spend time with another dear friend.  Almost 60 hours of driving.

I'm not so good at 'just sittin', so of course I had to drag along some stuff to work on.

The perfect thing for me is my needlefelting.  It wasn't quite necessary to take every single piece of fiber that I owned 'just in case' ... but I prety well did. What if I would have needed '...' colour and I didn't have it.

This is my ipad acquarium ... thick & soft to protect my screen.

The fish just swim on the front.

This one is a little pouch to keep my flash drives in style.

I love felting old sweaters. I finally did something with one of them ... made the sleeve into a little pocket for my ipod.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Needle Felting Again

Had such fun with the last class, I've got another set to go :-D
I am determined to be offering at least one class every month ... 
hopefully when I get back in the groove, two or three.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Needle Felting Class

It was great that the weather was so perfect for driving, for the folks coming from Bayfield and London for class today. And nice for the 'locals' - Stratford & St. Marys too.

I love sitting around the table and watching creative energy & imagination at work.

And to get to spend the afternoon with such lovely gals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teaching Again!

I'm excited about being back to teaching!
It's been a couple years since I gathered folks around the table to play together. 
Tomorrow we do Needle Felting!