Saturday, January 2, 2016


It has always been my passion;
re-birthing/re-creation /re-purposing ...
turning something that is
old, tired, ugly
into something fresh & useful.

I've been doing that long before it was invented as a 'thing'.
Mostly because I am thrifty.
I think also because it's a deep part of my heritage, 
having been raised by a mother who lived through the depression.
I have a 'hoarder' gene.

I came across this little purse at Value Village.
It is brand new.
Handy little spaces inside for a phone and other necessities.
It's got a long strap and a loop where you can attach it to your belt.

I really hate carrying a purse when I'm out and about on a mission.
I generally stuff things into my pockets so I don't have to.
This is small enough, light enough and useful enough
that I think I will give it a shot.

But it is UGLY.
Seriously, downright ugly.

Harvest gold from the 70's.
Not speaking to me.

I bought it anyway.

Step 1: Gesso

Step 2: Think ... what colour does it WANT to be?

It's actually even uglier in real life.

I'm surprised that the gesso has still allowed it to be supple.
I'm going to give it two coats so that the palette is fresh and bright
to welcome some new colour.

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